Home decorating ideas 

Home is where the heart is! You should love the place you live in. so to keep them pretty and attractive we renovate them with designing and decorating ideas. But the ideas that we see are way too professional and might incur tall costs. Most of us ignore the idea of interior decorations for the same reason. But I am trying to show you things in a different perspective. What if I say, that you can elevate the look of your house all by yourself without the intrusion of a professional?  

Yes, it is true. You can decorate your house all by yourself. They all seem way too professional and tough but they are all ordinary ideas executed extraordinarily. Here are few simple ideas to give your home brand new look!  

Home decorating ideas

A patch of wallpaper:

Empty walls give you home a sick appearance. So turn it around and make it look cool by sticking some really creative wall papers. There are a lot of wallpapers available easily on the online platforms. They are affordable, trendy and can exhibit your emotions. This is one of the simplest ways to begin your decoration strategy. 

Get some bright paints:

Be a little bit bold in painting your rooms. Rubbish that prude look off your house and make them look all fancy. Add bright colors to the inner corners of the shelves and wardrobes.  

Bright accessories:

Add accessories to your living room like table covers, pillows, flower vase or anything else of your choice. Make sure that the colors of these accessories are bright and compliment the wall color or your wallpapers as the case may be.    

Put up an antique:

If you are someone who emphasizes on the authenticity of the decoration then place an antique that elevates the look of the space it rests in. Now antiques need not be the historical or the monumental ones. They can be any random stuff that you consider antique or any vintage piece that your family has been preserving through generation. Showcase it! 

Kill the formal appearance:

Decorating your house is all about how you want it to be. There are no rules and formalities, that’s what interior decorations demand. They kill all the formal rules and paint a casual and crazy picture. Remember there are no ethics in interior decoration.  

White and Bright:

If you prefer your house to look bright all the time, then white paints are all that you require. White can replicate light and makes you feel energetic all the time. Make sure you add matching accessories too. 


A book shelf is something that house prefers to have today. Get all your books, dust them and display them to the visitors. Knowledge is one thing that you can always show off with and there is no better instrument than a book to do it. If possible hang a beautiful picture to your bookshelf and make it look more attractive 

The above ideas are not too tough to follow. They can simply be carried out by anybody. All you need is a little bit of creativity and patience.