Kelly Wearstler: World’s Best Interior designer  

Kelly Wearstler:

Decoration is something for which most of the people draw inspiration externally. We get ideas from family members, relatives, friends, neighbors and even from people at the workplace. Now that internet has taken over we look for ideas over the internet and get to know about people who have been professionally doing this stuff over years and have been sharing ideas for like years now. There are so many of them who are doing a great job but the best of them is Kelly Wearstler. She has her wings spread over different things like writing, fashion, brand endorsements and of course, decorating. The New Yorker times praised her saying, “the Presiding grande dame of the West Coast interior design”. But this accolade is actually less than what she does! 

Kelly Wearstler

Who is Kelly Wearstler?

Kelly is an American designer who started her own company under the banner Kelly Wearstler Interior Designs shortly known as KWID. It was started somewhere in the mid-90s. She began her career by working with the hotel industries and rose to fame with the showcase of her creativity in the Beverly Hills.  This is where she changed the face of boutique hotels. She made simple designs that were really unique. This quality of her work was admired by a lot of her fans, followers, and others. Kelly Wearstler did start with a tough beginning. She was involved in various jobs to take care of her educational and other needs. But as she started to learn things and put them boldly into use, there was no turning back. 

Kelly Wearstler’s work and designs:

Kelly Wearstler states that most of her works are romantic in nature, that how she wants to keep things. She mixes sophistication and wit. She keeps it simple and never complicates with fashion, however her works stand out and talk for themselves. Kelly takes her inspiration from many, particularly Doris Duke and Peggy. She calls Jacque Grange her favorite designer. Kelly’s designs are simple, elegant and inspiring. Through her consistent effort and consistent working, she has become the best in her field. She also has on an online store that selling things for interior decoration.  

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