60 gallon Water Heater

Best 60-gallon Gas Water Heater

Makers of these standard-size water heaters are well aware of everyone’s main concern which is to cut down energy bills. As a result, they are keen on making high-efficiency models that compete favorably with other options like the tankless heaters.

The huge advantage with a 60-gallon gas water heater is that it can heat large amounts of water for the entire home. Installing it is also fairly simple. In this article, we have trawled the market and found a 60 gallon water heater that will offer you a perfect balance of value and performance for every budget.

Bradford White M460T6FBN 60 Gallon natural gas water heater.This new innovation provides a hot household and commercial establishment using the heat pump technology. Thanks to its design, it doesn’t have any filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. The major features that establish this model include:

  • High energy factor rating.
  • Resettable thermal switch.
  • Altitude specific – 2000′.
  • Built with an advanced Screenlock Technology Flame Arrester Design.
  • Another big plus feature is the Factory installed Hydrojet Total Performance System.
  • Provides household water for a home of 6 people or more.
  • The stainless steel provides an aesthetically attractive look.
  • 10 years limited warranty on tanks.Price indication: $1955-$2050

The good.

Owning the Bradford White 60 gallon water heater gives you:

  • Low cost for utilities. The heater is a low energy factor which means that you can use it for a much longer period without refilling it. Users who opted to use it recorded huge savings. While upfront the unit is expensive, it makes up and even saves much more on what would have been paid for electric bills.
  • Durability. Its components are made of high-grade materials which ensure longer usage.
  • Easy to use. This gas water heater provides ease of operation. Not only is the item friendly to the surrounding in terms of emissions but also convenient in usage. It’s installed will diligent gadgets that do not require a lot of skills or intelligence to run them.

The negative.

  • Installation expenses. On top of the cost of acquiring the unit, you’re needed to channel more expenses to pay for professional services. Maintenance to ensure ultimate performance is also quite expensive.
  • Installing it by yourself is daunting. If you’re not well informed on the installation process, you have to call up the services of an expert. While you make look for professional quotes, things might go haywire and may end-up in a loss. But for the experienced, the process remains simple and straightforward.

Our final verdict.

The Bradford White is the best 60 gallon water heater unit for homeowners who want to shove off electricity bills. With this model, it’s a sort of an investment as you’ll begin to experience savings after only a month of use. This gas heater just is the best solution for your heating needs. It’s rare to go wrong on this make and as a whole, it proves to be a great home product in terms of performance, operation, and longevity.